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    this is literally the most beautiful love story my god

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    A Tale Of Two Sisters(dir. Kim Ji Woon)

    In a direct reference to the original fairytale of Rose Flower and Red Lotus, Su-mi find a bloody package containing fish entrails in the fridge; a gory package which is clearly an allusion to the skinned dead rat in the original fairytale [x]

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  8. eel - metal slug
    floating totem- metal slug
    war machine 1- metal slug
    crab war machine - metal slug
    battleship- metal slug
    brain robot - metal slug
    war tank - metal slug
    robot- metal slug
    crab robot 2- metal slug


    GIFs Of Metal Slug’s Perfect, Intricate Pixel Art

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    Kate Bush - Suspended in Gaffa

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    It May Be That Beauty Has Reinforced Our Resolve - Masao Adachi (Philippe Grandrieux, 2011)

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